The Claudio Faina Museum in Orvieto is home to the rich collection of antiquities gathered over the years by the counts Mauro and Eugenio from 1864. The museum is located in Palazzo Faina in piazza del Duomo, opposite cathedral and it is run by Museo Claudio Faina Foundation.

The collection contains more than one thousand different bronze objects, which date from the Bronze Age up the Roman period. The majority of these objects are votive bronzes and vessels. There are also mirrors, figured appliques, lamps, weapons and small tools for female care and ornament.

The objective of this database is to facilitate the study of the Etruscan bronzes, in particular those originated from the areas of Chiusi, Orvieto and Perugia. The database was created using the open source CMS Museum & Web, an agile system developed at the beginnings of XXI century under the MINERVA project of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

The work is the result of a joint venture between the Faina Foundation and the Institute for Ancient Mediterranean Studies (ISMA) of National Research Council (CNR).