Eugenio Faina

The bronzes collected between 1869 and 1881 by Eugenio Faina originated exclusively from the excavations carried out at that time in the Orvieto necropolises, mainly from Crocifisso del Tufo. Some informations on finds can be found in the article by G. Körte, Sulla necropoli di Orvieto, published in 1877 in “Annali di Corrispondenza Archeologica”. In this article several pages are dedicated to the description of the bronzes with specific references to those chosen to became part of the collection. The exact location in the necropolis was not specified.

Other informations is available in the collection inventory that was compiled by Eugenio in 1881 and, subsequently, in 1888 in the first printed catalogue published by Domenico Cardella (Museo etrusco Faina al quale è unita una raccolta di monete consolari ed imperiali, Orvieto 1888). Whilst the information detailed in this publication is not particularly precise, it does however attempt to identify the origin of some objects and compare them to other Etruscan materials. Two of the bronzes collected by Eugenio are extremely important: a disc with a Gorgone and a helmet applique decorated with Herakles fighting.